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Star International LLC

Star International LLC.                              

Importer of plywood


Tel: 314-989-0700, Fax: 314-480-703

Company Introduction

Star International  LLC is an importer of plywood with contracted mills in China. We manufacture plywood and fancy plywood using imported face veneers and farm-grown poplar core veneers. With over ten mills based in Linyi and Pizhou of China, we have an annual production capacity of over 500,000 cubic meters and capability of manufacturing different species and sizes with thickness from 2.7mm to 30mm. Species include but not limit to: Cherry, Maple, Oak, Birch, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine,Radiate Pine, Poplar, African Mahogany, Pencil Cedar, Bintangor, Obeche, etc. We also offer Film-Faced plywood, Lumber Core plywood and HPL,Melamine with Particle board, Drawer Size. Our mills are currently supplying to some of the largest lumber companies in the U.S.

There are thousands of plywood mills in China. Most of them are small in sizes and primitive in manufacturing methods. To obtain consistent quality is a daily challenge both for plywood mills and oversea customers. Star International, LLC takes on the tough job of quality control; eliminate customer’s anxiety and fear of getting poor quality products from China mills by offering the following advantages:

1、Well Established Mills with Specialty. Most of our mills have multi-production lines or more, use advanced equipment, have experienced management team, superior workmanship and excellent reputation. All of our mills specialize in certain species and are very efficient in their production.

2、Multi-phase Production Method. Plywood production in China is very labor-intensive, human errors often occur. We invented the multi-phase production process to divide the whole production process into several major phases where operation rocedures can be standardized, human errors can be easily identified, corrected and minimized, final product quality guaranteed.

3、Flexible Pricing. Many times our customers require our products to meet certain technical specifications with a limited budget. By offering flexible combination of raw materials, production procedures we can meet customers’ requirement at best possible prices.

4、 Quality Assurance. For every export order, our QA team will use 20-point quality checking system to monitor the entire production. There are 20-25 production procedures, we monitor each and every procedure, concentrate on monitoring the key 4-5 procedures, from raw material inspection to middle product inspection and final production inspection. By doing this, our QA team eliminates any sub-standard products.

5、 Satisfaction Guarantee. At Star International LLC, our goal is to provide consistent quality & products at the most competitive prices. Our communication channel is always open to our customers. We update our customers’ order status with E-mails, and pictures. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We are capable of providing consistent quality products with very competitive prices. We look forward to building long lasting win-win business relationships with customers.

 Please feel free to contact us at (314) 989-0700 or E-mail to us at for any inquiries. Please visit us at 

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